Case Study #01 – UCC Hawaii Corporation

Case Study #01 – UCC Hawaii Corporation

111-HAWAII PROJECT participating company UCC Hawaii

Case Study #01 – UCC Hawaii Corporation


“UCC Hawaii Kona Coffee Estate” was established in 1989 as a fully managed farm by Ueshima Coffee Company (UCC). The estate, which boasts over 15,000 coffee trees on approximately 35 acres of land, is located 1509 feet above sea level at the foot of Mt. Hualalai on the Big Island, Hawaii about 30 min drive from the Kona International Airport.

Developing a coffee farm in Kona was not an easy task. In Kona, the terrain was originally covered with lava with the soil underneath. We crushed the lava and mixed it with the rich volcanic soil to create a fast-draining and fertile soil that coffee trees thrive-on. In addition, there had not been sufficient irrigation works done when the farm opened, causing soil to flow out from time to time. While emphasizing on environmental friendliness, improvement works were implemented for the farm to be equipped with modern irrigation systems. The farm was honored “The Best Farm in Big Island’s West District” by the United States Department of Agriculture in 1993.

About the product and service

UCC Hawaii Coffee Estate store offers an array of great gift items including our fresh roasted 100% Kona Coffee and original chocolate snacks, as well as original bags using coffee harvest burlap bags. Freshest Kona coffee roasted daily at our Estate’s factory is available at our store.

Taxonomically classified as “species Arabica sub-species Typica” or more commonly known as Arabica Typica Kona coffee is world renown as a top quality coffee. Kona coffee beans appear as a waxy bluish-green color in its unroasted state. Roasted, the beans are enjoyably smooth to the palate, having a mildly acidic flavor. Kona Coffee is grown on the Big Island of Hawaii, along the western slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai. Hundreds of coffee farmers from one to hundreds of acres in size produce a total of about 2,000,000 pounds of Kona Coffee in it’s green (unroasted) form.

Kona coffee farm on Big Island UCC Hawaii

Participate in 111-HAWAII PROJECT and problem solve
Increase sales, while also contributing to Hawaii!

UCC Hawaii has partaken in Hawaii’s social cultural interactions and activities of spreading Kona coffee to contribute to the community. When UCC planned on expanding their product sales to Waikiki for market growth and sales expansion, they came across the 111-HAWAII PROJECT. Sales expansion and PR could be done efficiently, and in addition because part of the product’s sales would be donated, they would be able to contribute to Hawaii. The idea matched with the company’s philosophy and goals, thus deciding to participate in the project.

111-HAWAII PROJECT product package

111-HAWAII PROJECT product develpoment
A Kona Iced coffee that's never been made!

Kona coffee is already overly saturated with countless other brands, leading UCC needed to create a strong differentiation in their product from other competing products on the market. Discussing what a good gift item would be, we then came up with the idea to commercialize a 100% ICED Kona coffee–a new, fresh product taken from already existing resources. Coffee flavor is highly affected by the way it’s brewed, therefore, UCC Hawaii reviewed the best way to roast and grind the coffee, and succeeded in developing a ground coffee which has good flavor and is also easy to make at home. The volume of the package was reduced to 5oz so it is easier to buy and carry as a gift. As a “Made in Hawaii” donation product, this became the first 111-HAWAII PROJECT collaborative piece.

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