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[ Local Companies with products Made In Hawaii ]

Process: Participating COMPANY

We help you develop, promote, and increase sales of your product, via strong unified branding, media and PR support, and sales support via specifically promoted POP displays. Let’s work together and increase local business by improving the brand image of our local products!

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Product Development

Product Development expertise and Package Design service for FREE


Clarence Lee Design is an award-winning design firm who has crafted unique brand identities for large numbers of local businesses, with a tradition spanning 49 years in Hawaii. We will meet with your company, support product development, and provide top quality design services for free. By decreasing the workload for participating companies and having proper insight and knowledge of the business, we will produce quality products with new and unique ideas.


Media / PR

Quality PR support from Hawaii Tourism Japan and Participating Vendor Companies

Media and PR for made in Hawaii brands

Your company and your products will be introduced at Hawaii Tourism Japan sponsored events, and media such as Japanese TV and magazines, supporting businesses’ own media, POP displays at the Waikiki showroom, company introduction and product features on our official media, and so on.



Generate sales revenue by selling at highly promoted POP displays

POP displays and PR to generate sales

By creating a specifically promoted POP display area for project products and project concepts, sales promotion is increased. Participating companies will be able to generate sales revenue through purchased items.

*For detailed entry qualifications and application info, please see the above participation guidelines.

Process: Participating VENDOR

Let’s support Made in Hawaii products together!

We are looking for Hawaii related retail shops and online stores that would like to carry our products. Becoming a participating vendor will help improve your brand image and also attract more customers. Let’s work together and increase local business by improving the brand image of our local products!

For details, please download and view the “Entrance Requirements (PDF)”from above.

Sales: Participating COMPANY

Use for promotion and community contribution!

We sell at wholesale prices to companies operating hotels, tourism, and beauty industries that are interested in buying a fixed amount for promotional novelty goods and campaign prizes. We also sell at wholesale prices for gifts distributed at events and for companies who utilize Hawaii as incentive programs.

For details, please download and view the “Ordering Method (PDF)”from above.