Standing together as “1”, we can revitalize Local Business in Hawaii

[ An officially endorsed project by Hawaii Tourism Japan ]

111-Hawaii Project is about working together with local businesses to develop stronger branded products that can be sold in Hawaii and revitalize the community.
Portions of all sales will be donated to local non-profit organizations who will help lead the positive ecological growth of our Hawaii.


A helping “Hand” from a Visitor, can support the “Heart” of a Local Business, which contributes to the Local Community, which can protect and beautify our “Home”. “111” stands for 1 Hand (Visitor), 1 Heart (Local Business) and 1 Home (Local Community). We believe this positive cycle will lead to both visitor and local community happiness, and moreover, help lead positive ecological growth and revitalization of our Hawaii.


Working with Local Business to Revitalize the Community

  • Help raise the value of local products through support and sales
  • Development, Media/PR, and Sales support for products that satisfy visitors
  • Broadening connections and opportunities with local small businesses

Raising the Quality of Hawaii Tourism via Social Contribution

  • Creating a system that enables both local companies and tourists to contribute to Hawaii
  • A portion of sales will be donated to local Non-profit organizations that help protect the Hawaii environment and culture
  • Reporting of Non-profit organization activities, and attract aspects of Hawaii as a destination

Founded by Clarence Lee Design, the 111-HAWAII PROJECT is an Officially Certified Project endorsed by Hawaii Tourism Japan. This project is not just a contribution to society, but also a “contribution business” whose purpose is to create success for all parties, through increased gratification for visitors, development for local businesses, and revitalization to the local community. We would like to expand the CSV* concept where visitors, local business, and local communities will create a shared value.

*CSV = Creating Shared Value (Redefining Capitalism and the Role of the Corporation in Society) :The Link between Competitive Advantage and Corporate Social Responsibility

(Leading authority: Michael E.Porter, Professor at Harvard Business School)


111HI logo

The logo design motif encompasses the symbol of Aloha “shaka”, the Hawaiian island chain, and three fingers in combination of “111” representing the above three philosophy points. ALOHA means kindness, unity, humility, and patience. These keywords are the foundation of creating a more valuable Hawaii through the help of both visitors, local business, and non-profit organizations.


All 111-Hawaii Products will implement the character mascots, Diamond Headog or Diamond Headolphin on the product packaging. By having the symbol characters clearly visible on the product packaging, it will become easy for consumers to identify that portions of the product sales will be donated.