Once upon a time…along the slopes of Diamond Head…

A large chunk of lava stone broke into 2 pieces and tumbled down from the top of Diamond Head. One of them fell into the crater and became Diamond Headog. The other fell into the ocean and became Diamond Headolphin.


With our big heads filled with thoughts to make everyone love Hawaii, we work hard everyday so everyone will enjoy their stay in our home, Hawaii.
Aloha & Mahalo!

Diamond Headog

With a head too big to run fast, she has a hard time catching up to her friends.
One day, she tried to get on a skateboard. Whoa! She could move so fast! But she got carried away, hitting a tree, hearts erupting from her head.


Birthday : January 11 Gender : Girl

Length : 3 shakas Height : 2 shakas Waist : secret Weight : 10 lb.

Good at : skateboarding

Not so good at : running
(and everything other dogs are good at)


Diamond Headolphin

His head is too big to swim fast. He can’t keep up with his friends. One day, he tried surfing. Whoa! He could ride the waves so fast! But he got carried away and rode too big a wave and fell head first! Stars erupted from my head!


Birthday : January 11 Gender : Boy

Length : 4 shakas Height : 1.5 shakas Waist : secret Weight : 15 lbs

Good at : surfing

Not so good at : swimming & jumping
(and everything other dolphins are good at)

Character Goods

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