Charitable Foundation #01 – Nā Kama Kai

Charitable Foundation #01 – Nā Kama Kai

111-HAWAII PROJECT charitable foundation Na Kama Kai

Charitable Foundation #01 – Nā Kama Kai



Nā Kama Kai’s (Children of the Sea) mission is to empower youth by creating, conducting and supporting ocean-based programs, specifically targeting ocean safety and conservation awareness in order to increase the capacity of youth in the community through Hawaiian values, culture and environmental education.

Overarching Theme

Nā Kama Kai understands the immense value of the ocean environment, its vast resources, and its relationship to the land. As stewards of the kai (sea) and ʻāina (land) keiki (youth/children) from all ethnic origins and economic backgrounds will learn to embrace their kuleana (responsibility) as caretakers of marine ecosystems that must be nurtured for future generations.

We strongly believe in our motto, Keiki Aloha Kai Aloha, Beloved Child, Beloved Sea. Our children are nurtured at the same time that their love for the ocean is nurtured. As they continue to grow, this contemporary ‘ōlelo no‘eau is a reminder of their special place in the world along with their relationship and kuleana to the ocean and our natural environment.

Hawaii non-profit organization Na Kama Kai's activities

Programs and Activities
Empower youth by creating, conducting and supporting ocean-based programs

[Ocean Equipment Recycle Program]
Recycle and distribute donations back into the community by repairing used boards and other ocean sports related equipment. Nā Kama Kai will be providing this equipment to Hawaii’s keiki to increase their access to the ocean while simultaneously preventing our landfills from filling up with non-biodegradable waste material.
Our clients are the keiki of Hawaii that express the need for ocean sporting equipment.

[Ocean Safety & Conservation Awareness Clinics]
Nā Kama Kai programs target all youth from 2 to 18 years of age in many different cultural settings and service our community statewide through touching the lives of our youth in numerous capacities. Our statewide ocean clinics nurture a deep sense of love for the ocean among youth. The experience ingrains in each of the participants an understanding of their kuleana to water safety and environmental awareness. Our clinics offer group and one-on-one interactions with professional surfers, watermen and waterwomen, lifeguards, firefighters, marine scientists, Hawaiian cultural practitioners, and ocean rescue instructors. The clinics provide a positive, nurturing, and controlled environment enabling keiki to become confident in the ocean through a personally guided experience. Participants learn Hawaiian stories related to the event location, help shape traditional wooden boards, and learn about traditional Hawaiian ocean culture through the contemporary perspective of ocean professionals.

[Alaka’i Mentorship Program]
The Alaka’i Mentorship Program establishes a relationship with youth in the community seeking a stronger commitment to the conservation and stewardship of the ocean including concepts of mālama ‘āina and mālama kai (stewardship of the land and sea).This program is tailored to help meet the needs and interests of the youth in our community that are willing to commit to our program for one year.

Our mentorship activities are carefully planned to guide youth in developing the self-respect and self-reliance necessary to accomplish long-term goals.
Ocean navigational and boating skills are acquired through a partnership with the Polynesian Voyaging Society. Participants learn conservation leadership by participating through our NKK Clinics. They are introduced to ocean related career opportunities through interaction with professionals working in the marine environment.

Hawaii non-profit organization Na Kama Kai's activities2

Nā Kama Kai
PO Box 240039 Honolulu, Hawaii 96824
Tel: (808)864-9164 Email:

The first donation period runs from 12/10/2014 to 12/31/2015. We will donate to the organization selected by Hawaii Tourism Japan. Detailed information, name of organizations, and donation amount will be announced at the showroom and on the website on January 2016.